The 18 Best British Sitcoms of the Noughties

Sitcom DVDs from the 00s

We love a conversation-starter here at Cup of Beans Towers. That’s why we thought it’d be fun to rank the best British sitcoms of the Noughties and open the debate up to you. Turns out it was quite the decade.

Before we start, some housekeeping. Firstly, we’re only dealing with sitcoms that launched from 2000 to 2009. So you won’t see obviously brilliant shows like Spaced (September 1999) and Him & Her (September 2010).

Secondly, when you inevitably disagree with us, just do it nicely, okay? Good. Let’s crack on.

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Ad Dougie Douglas: Happy Birthday Clarky!

It’s a Friday night in the middle of summer, it’s wet, it’s windy, it’s Manchester. We’d expect nothing less! Luckily tonight’s entertainment was on round the corner at the Kings Arms in Salford. We’d left the warmth of our flat to brave the elements to see the debut show for one of our favourite acts of 2016 – Ad Dougie Douglas. His debut show ‘Happy Birthday Clarky!’ was running over 2 nights as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe. This was third time seeing ‘Dougie’ having previously seen him at the Comedy Balloon and in the surreal surroundings of Sham Bodie. Continue reading “Ad Dougie Douglas: Happy Birthday Clarky!”

Chortle Student Comedy Award – Manchester Heats

Chortle Student Comedy Awards - Manchester Heat

Shit, we’re old.

We didn’t think we were, but it turns out we are. Okay, not exactly, but in comparison to the entrants at this Chortle Student Comedy Award heat, we might as well have arrived on a couple of penny-farthings.

We’re sipping a non-alcoholic beverage in the basement of Koh Tao in Fallowfield, eager to find out if the next Lloyd Langford, Joe Lycett or Jamali Maddix is about to take to the stage. Continue reading “Chortle Student Comedy Award – Manchester Heats”

Leicester Comedy Festival 2017

leicester comedy festival

Before Leicester dug up dead kings and was (temporarily) decent at football, it had to try and attract anyone it possibly could to the city.

So, 23-years-ago the Leicester Comedy Festival was born. Now it’s the biggest outside of Scotland with over 800 shows over the 19 days.

Cup of Beans ventured down to the Midlands (no it’s not the south) for a Friday and Saturday of hilarity.

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The Bridge Street Irregulars @ Gullivers NQ

The Bridge Street Irregulars performing

We’re crammed into in the back room at Gullivers, one of the many fun places to drink along Oldham Street, and there’s free cake. That’s not why we’re here though. We’re awaiting the arrival of Impro Quo improv troupe The Bridge Street Irregulars.

There’s an element of unpredictability to any comedy night and that’s never truer than with improv. Luckily, it looks like we’re in good hands. Continue reading “The Bridge Street Irregulars @ Gullivers NQ”

Gary Delaney @ Trapdoor Comedy Club

There was a harsh wind blowing as we made the short trip across town to The Old Monkey pub, located on Portland street. A great ‘proper pub’ with a decent selection of beers and the added bonus of being one of the few places in the city centre you can get a pint of IPA for under £3!

The conditions may have been unkind, but ever the faith endures, comedy, my comedy! This was our first outing of 2017, taking in the delights of the Trapdoor Comedy Club. Continue reading “Gary Delaney @ Trapdoor Comedy Club”