Black Mirror: Our Top 7 All-Time List

Black Mirror logo

We had a fair old debate about whether or not to jump on this bandwagon. After all, while Black Mirror has its darkly comic moments, it’s a world away from the sort of thing we’d usually talk about.

Then we remembered. This is our blog. We make the rules and we can do whatever we want. In this case, what we want is to see where the newest batch of episodes sits alongside the older ones by making a list of our overall favourites. Continue reading “Black Mirror: Our Top 7 All-Time List”

Chris Tavener @ Three Minute Theatre

Chris Tavener

Blimey, it’s been a long week. Pretty knackering, as it goes. We’re not ready to head home just yet though. Instead, we’re on our way to watch some musical comedy. The artist in question is acoustic guitar-wielding Chris Tavener, who has tempted us along to a recording of his show.

We’ve checked out a few of his songs and we’re ready to be entertained. Let’s see how it goes. Continue reading “Chris Tavener @ Three Minute Theatre”