The Comedian’s Football Podcast: Live

Comedy. Football. Podcast. These are all things we like. And with that admittedly rather basic assessment, our Monday night is sorted.

But does the Comedian’s Football Podcast have a foot like a traction engine, or does it have football pie all over its shirt?

It’s the creation of long-suffering Grimsby Town fan Chris Copestake, and tonight is its first live outing following a successful first series. The premise is fairly simple. Chris invites a comedian to chat to him about the highs and lows of supporting their team and ideally, hilarity ensues.

Tonight’s guest is United fan Jamie Hutchinson. If you’ve seen him before, you’ll know this is good news. Those who hadn’t were soon converted, as both acts treat us to a stand-up set before we get underway.

You probably have your own views as to whether the presence of a United fan in the same room as you is good or not. However, for the sake of building a new audience for your football podcast, it makes sense to go for a big team that every fan knows plenty about.

It’s essentially two mates on a stage sharing football stories, so if that’s your bag, you’ll love it. It’s certainly right up our street, as Jamie reveals what he got up to at the 2009 Champions League final, why he’d still pick Jose over Pep and why he hated the 04/05 season.

As for his childhood invention, The Chambers Cup, we can only suggest that you continually ask him about it on Twitter until he’s forced into some sort of explanatory YouTube video.

The chat is interspersed with anagrams, quizzes, a round of Top Trumps and finally a Q&A, all of which feels very inclusive. In fact, the atmosphere is all rather pleasant.

A couple of pints and a wander down football’s memory lane is, in our view, an ideal way to spend a couple of hours. Obviously, if you don’t like football, it’s probably not for you. But then, if that’s you, why are you even reading this?

So, what’s next for the podcast? Chris tells us that he’s after comedians from across the country who follow a range of teams. Representation for a nice mix of big clubs and the lower leagues would certainly help keep the format fresh.

There are more episodes planned for the summer, so we know what we’ll be doing in between World Cup matches.

If you want to listen to The Comedian’s Football Podcast, you can do so on Spotify or iTunes. To keep up to date with upcoming shows, you can follow Chris on Twitter here.

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