Inglorious Laughters @ Gullivers

Inglorious Laughters was hosted by Eji Osigwe, a friendly start to this intimate gig at Gullivers. His relaxed chats with the audience provided a sense of normality and familiarity after some of the more whimsical acts and kept the whole night in balance.

Super Trooper Improv started the night and with it set the bar for on stage chemistry. The light-hearted and cheeky atmosphere created by Eji, was continued by the 3 men and their improv games.

From land sharks to unicorn burgers, Super Trooper Improv handled each situation handed to them with energetic enthusiasm that kept the audience on board throughout.

Thespionage followed, with a few sketches and well-polished poems.
The pair were definitely one of the stand out acts of the evening, bringing youthful charisma with their wit and energy. The contrast between not only each other and each performance created a well balanced and varied act.

The manifestation of a personified hangover was performed with the exact malice and spite I imagine it would have. The duo are definitely captivating and dynamic.

Following a short interval, Mr Carmichael transformed the audience into a classroom before he had barely begun. I genuinely felt like I was back in school again, only this time, my giggles weren’t being stifled. This act condenses years of a primary school teacher’s stress into minutes. A committed performance and well-devised character.

Everybody knows a Graham Hatherswaite, yet Graham is unlike anyone else. Another well-devised character, and perfected performance. Voice is crucial to the character, and is what makes this performance unique. His personality is instantly conveyed through his voice and despite playing up to a few stereotypes, is a hit with the audience.

Simply P has potential, and his off the cuff remarks got him good laughs. His attempt to combine enlightenment with comedy however, felt like an odd juxtaposition. There is a spark, a presence of capability, yet it was unbalanced with the spiritual focus.

Immodium Nitrate‘s control of the audience was pure brilliance. A poet turning up to a comedy night by mistake – a concept excellently delivered. He remains composed yet amusingly agitated throughout. An incredibly strong performance and a definite favourite with the audience.

Last before the final break is Carl Sheever. A Scottish Morgan Freeman is not something I’d ever have expected to experience and to be honest, I’m still unsure as to exactly what it was that I experienced. Sheever did however restore a light-hearted, somewhat whimsical atmosphere just in time for the final act.

Twisted Capers provided a pure, vibrant energy to end the evening on. Each member brought a strong unique quality to the act. As a group they are a well-balanced combination of confidence and vulnerability, of ridiculousness and sensibility, and of extravagance and shyness. Each sketch felt incredibly new and fresh.

Their combination of pre-recorded material with live action works incredibly well, and their ability to improvise around technical faults allowed for an incredible performance.

Inglorious Laughters was definitely a night in which the youthful acts shone and provided a quirky energy that it would have otherwise been missing. This was my first experience of Gullivers and ImproQuo. Together, they definitely delivered.

For more info on ImproQuo’s many gigs and workshops, check out their website.

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