Top 11 Christmas Specials

It’s almost Christmas! Here at Cup of Beans Towers we love a Festive special so we thought we’d give you our top 11 Comedy Christmas Specials (in no particular order!). Enjoy…

Father Ted

A Christmassy Ted’ sees Ted successfully navigate a group of Priests out of a lingerie section and is rewarded with the ‘Golden cleric’. An award so hot that it leads a rival priest Tod Umptious to plan a dastardly raid on his trophy and thanks to Ted’s politeness in pretending to recognise him, he almost gets away with it. As usual Dougal has no clue what is going on.

The Office

A fitting end to a perfectly crafted series. The eagerly awaited 2003 special seen Tim and Dawn finally get together and more importantly Brent finally telling Finchy to ‘fuck off!’. Scenes!


Ricky Gervais is often criticised for having one character however I always felt Andy Millman was very much the misanthrope to Brent’s optimist, something which is perfectly captured in this 1 hour special. Andy has the fame he craves but not the ‘right type’ of fame and as such we see his life spiral into the showbiz abyss, reaching its crescendo with a 3 minute barnstorming anti-fame monologue tearing into the very concept of ‘fame’ in the modern era.

Gavin & Stacey

The special sees the West and Shipman families celebrating Christmas together for the first time. The extended hour long episode is well paced and perfectly captures the highs and lows of Christmas day; family squabbles, making up, the boozing, shit presents and overeating!

Royle Family: The Queen of Sheba

We could’ve done a blog on all the Royle Family Christmas special’s alone! However we plumped for the Queen of Sheba episode. A roller coaster of emotions, spreading over a longer period of time than most episodes, culminating in the sad passing of Nana. The matriarch of the family dubbed ‘the Queen of Sheba’ by Jim the slothenly Dad who is often at odds with her but is hit hardest when she is gone.

The League of Gentleman

Give this a watch and there’ll be no more sleeps to Christmas as you’ll never sleep again. Ever!

With a hat tip to Scrooge the 2000 special is based around the Christmas hating Reverend receiving 3 visitors on Christmas eve, to bare their souls to her and to help reinvigorate her love of Christmas. But this is Royston Vasey, there’s to be no happy ending here!

Only Fools & Horses – Batman & Robin

As with the Royle Family we could’ve done a blog about the Only Fools & Horses specials alone. However we opted for the 1996 classic in which we see the Trotters become somewhat unwitting Super Heroes thanks to a mix up with the party dress code.


If Gavin & Stacey captures the trials and tribulations of Christmas day perfectly, the Bottom special captures all the imperfections! As with the original series, the special is littered with crass humour, innuendo and gratuitous violence but never breaks from the Christmas theme. Even paying a rather disturbing nod to the Nativity in which we see Richie (played by Rik Mayall) assuming the role of the virgin mother of Christ.

Vicar of Dibley – The Christmas Lunch Incident

Christmas day often seems like one gluttonous feast in which we shovel snacks and turkey down our necks from the moment we wake up until we slump off to bed once the Quality Street and trifle sugar rush has caused us to crash. However none of this compares to Geraldine’s Christmas day in the 1996 special (clearly a vintage year for Xmas specials!), when the village folk take pity on her for being alone at Christmas they all invite her around for lunch. However being too polite to say no she attempts to attend them all and ends up getting carted home in the bucket of a tractor!

Peep Show

Merry Chris-Mark! OK not a classic but we’re huge fans of the show and it isn’t without its charm. The special centres around Christmas day (more specifically the dinner – Cauliflower is not traditional) and Mark’s family visiting along with Dobby and Super Hans also making an appearance. Oh and he hasn’t told his parents about his relationship with Dobby, what could possibly go wrong?!

Merry Christmas, Mr Bean

The 1992 special sees the hapless Mr Bean attempt to (and ultimately fail) at some last minute Christmas shopping at Harrods in which he manages to cause his usual blend of chaos, reaching its crescendo when he plunges the store into complete darkness! This was always a family favourite and the perfectly executed slapstick nature of Bean still raises a chuckle among fans young and old.

Merry Christmas one’n’all!

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