10 times that real life has replicated Alan Partridge

As you can probably tell from our name, here at Cup of Beans we are huge fans of Partridge. So we thought we’d trawl the internet to find the best instances of real life replicating Norfolk’s king of mid-morning ‘banter’.

Lovely stuff.

1, This range of shower gel

Via Twitter @emaboswood

2, This radio 4 show which sounds like it came straight from Alan’s Dictaphone

Via Twitter @TomSeldon

3, This advert in Manchester which sounds straight out of an Alan Partridge radio show phone-in


Via Twitter @ChrisBards

4, This pizza truck loaded with ‘lovely stuff’


Via Twitter @Toddy96

5, This Wifi Network name


Via Twitter @partgarfunkel

6, This ‘man of the people’

Via Reddit faire-un-oeuf

7, This recipe for a ‘perfect British society’ by former Tory leadership candidate and Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom

Via Twitter @bsgorrie

8, This (which we are dead against)



Via Twitter @AccidentalP

9, This dip with great banter

Via Twitter @VoteforAnnie

10, And of course this cup of beans…


Via Instagram themattsteele

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