Comic’s Anonymous @ Joshua Brooks

So it’s been a long time between drinks but last night we decided to leave the warm sunshine and venture across town to a basement on Oxford Road. A last minute decision seen us taking in Comic’s Anonymous at its new home at the recently refurbished Joshua Brooks, taking camp in their basement. A tight little venue usually used for music creating a cosy atmosphere and good stage setting for comedians to peddle their wares and crack wise. Continue reading “Comic’s Anonymous @ Joshua Brooks”

Friends is on Netflix!

In what will probably comes as a shock to your average teenager but once upon a time we had to wait a week at a time to see our favourite shows. Content binges only existed once a show had finished and you’d waited months for the box set release. In the mid 90s Friday night on Channel 4 was the comedy king and the jewel in its crown was a show we’d all come to see as an extended member of the family, that show was of course smash hit US comedy Friends.

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Black Mirror: Our Top 7 All-Time List

Black Mirror logo

We had a fair old debate about whether or not to jump on this bandwagon. After all, while Black Mirror has its darkly comic moments, it’s a world away from the sort of thing we’d usually talk about.

Then we remembered. This is our blog. We make the rules and we can do whatever we want. In this case, what we want is to see where the newest batch of episodes sits alongside the older ones by making a list of our overall favourites. Continue reading “Black Mirror: Our Top 7 All-Time List”

The League of Gentlemen Special

This one has had us excited for a while, a return to the small screen of one of our favourite shows growing up. It has been 15 years since we last paid a visit to Royston Vasey and it is back and even more disturbing than ever! Some things might have changed, such as the local shop no longer being there and it now has a food bank but the array of odd local residents is still as weird and wonderful as ever!

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The Salford University Stand Up Showcase

james allen comedian

Salford University has produced some incredible performers over the years (Need I mention Peter Kay, Jason Manford and Ben Kingsley?).

Recently they showcased the talent of the Comedy module for their Performance courses at The Frog and Bucket. The night was a combination of first time performers and experienced acts, most of whom are in their final year of Salford University’s Comedy Writing and Performance Course .

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